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My name is Yannick Picard. I am painter, illustrator and muralist. I am from Montmagny, a small town in the Province of Quebec, Canada. I studied visual arts, first in Quebec City then at the Université du Québec in Montreal . During those years, I developed an interest for traveling. When I was 19, I made my first trip ever to Montevideo , Uruguay . Later on, I went to Western Canada and Central America : Panama , Costa Rica , Nicaragua , Honduras and Guatemala .

Those travels have been influencing my paintings. When traveling as well as in my daily life, I take hundreds of pictures that are a source of inspiration for the realization of my paintings. I like to capture the day to day life, banal situations and common object. Independently, those pictures are not really exciting, but once you put them together in a painting, you see the whole work of art in a different way. Some of my paintings could be seen as critics of the society or even as pictures of a world that unfortunately runs to its loss. By looking at my art, every spectator is free to make up his own idea.

I am producing illustrations for publications like Channel's Magazine and International Update from UPS . I also made some illustrations for Air Canada 's in-flight EnRoute Magazine . The particularities of my illustrations rely in the fact that I work directly on cotton canvas and that the drawing lines are predominant. Recently, I began to integrate this method in some of my paintings.

I also had the chance to paint a mural during an international artistic event called Arte para Todos, organized by the United Nations in Tegucigalpa , Honduras . That event brought together more than 50 artists from all around the world. It really was one of the greatest experiences of my life as it combined two of my passions: painting and traveling